The Shift Of The Ages

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As we approach 2012 the myriad of possibilities this date holds for Earth and humanity is being splayed across the world. Global events from politics, war, humanitarian actions and unique and powerful weather are already being looked at through the lens of 2012.

The sounds, the energies, the interpretations of the Shift of the Ages have been moving through many for years, creating colliding and converging messages. Some are calling it hype similar to Y2K, some are hoping to get a glimpse of the future by studying the vast amount of information swirling around the date and some are focused on day to day happenings only getting the media sound bite version. Each day more and more people gather and offer prayers for good outcome. No matter where we are on the planet we will be going through this time as a global community. How will one know what to believe and does it even matter?

Ancient legend, prophecy, speculation framed in new age and light worker language, meditation, the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, reading sign, channeling, astrology, numerology and astronomy are just some of the sources people use to interpret the meaning of this date.

Rather than repeat what scholars and authorities have said I offer you a glimpse into my thoughts about this amazing time on the planet, including my personal perspective on 2012.

Each of us will view these times with eyes of our own soul experience.

Signs of an Evolving World

mayan earth

The focus of the Luminous Garden site is about creating a better world, perhaps one that will be birthed as the Earth spirals through the Central Galactic Gateway. Though there is debate on dates, it is clear Earth and her Solar System have done this before. Oral history shared still today among indigenous peoples elder to child speaks of different times, ages, and worlds that went before.

Given this collective belief of past ages, the various calendars and prophecies perhaps we are experiencing and witnessing an evolutionary event. Could the blending of the races be the beginnings? What about the youth epidemic of ADHD and what many call the increase in psychic sensitivity level in children. On an emotional plane people are tuned in more with the struggles and pain of beings across the planet including the animal and plant life. We see many good actions that reach across continents including people meeting in the ethers to help heal. Finally violating behaviors such as greed, enslavement and genocide are being declared unacceptable as perpetrators are thrust on to the town square of the world and held accountable. On a spiritual plane many are finding the core commonalities in beliefs and faiths, questioning practices and acknowledging the spirit in all things.

We are all children of the same universe

So could these be considered the signs of a shift?

Embracing What's Ahead

There is the legend of the phoenix which states the bird to give birth to its offspring must incinerate for new life to emerge. Is this happening?

We just saw the collapse of the financial system and many of the major religions are undergoing change. Sun spot activity is increasing and has the potential to collapse power grids. Earthquake and volcanic activity, signs of inner heat are becoming more powerful. Wild fires are blazing longer and the Earth shows signs of a global warming. Are these perhaps a mirror of an etheric flame that will finally burn away our base human behaviors – allowing a more loving human who sees his place in connection to all things... rise? Or perhaps it will happen in a flash as we go through the 2012 arch.

It’s said all of humanity once lived in harmony with the Earth and all her beings.

Luminous Wall

It is time to honor and listen and learn from those who while being overrun by crude humans for centuries kept alive living in harmony with the Earth and all her beings, seen and unseen. The quiet persistent voices are finally being heard and their wisdom welcomed by the youth of the brash dominant society.

What ever it is that is going on, Namastehumanity is being provided a huge opportunity to embrace a more conscious loving relationship with the great being Earth and all upon her. .

Complicated, fluid, volatile, filled with anxiety and hope are these Times of Purfication. Your answers will be found in many places, including the most precious place, your heart. The heart can ground fear and translate the complex.

Place your finder tips to your heart as you think on these things and listen for your truth, your knowing of what is happening for you. The changes, the shift is within as well as without.

Seeking Meaning To Shift Of The Ages

There are way too many excellent and not so excellent sources for guidance and information about this planetary event. It will be easy to find them, and then discern validity by consulting the wisdom of your heart as you pass information through. Truth will vibrate, it can be felt.


Much has been made about the meaning of the Mayan Calender ending in 2012, it is not about the end of the world as some want to spread.

Authentic Mayan interpretation of this event is being offered to the world by Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj. Grandfather Cirilo is the Messenger of the Maya, the Voice of the Jungle. Grandfather also known as Wandering Wolf, the translation of his Mayan name is responsible for guiding us through a prophesied evolutionary transition called the Shift of the Ages. He relays not only potent messages filled with hope and promise, but also grave warnings about the changes we must make.

He tells us we are living in the time when the ancestors, as well as men and women of wisdom, return to usher in a new era of global harmony and a new phase of human evolution..

Wandering Wolf’s messages have been filmed and will be released in DVD form this year. Right now they can be viewed at the Shift of the Ages website. Time is short and humanity needs to hear the real message of the Maya, not the Hollywood versions. WE, the grassroots people of Earth are the ones to do.

Mayan Persprctive on 2012 - Shift Of Ages

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The Garden links below will take you to pages and posting areas, they will be expanding and growing as we move closer to 2012.

You'll find links to scholars and wisdom keepers, thoughts and suggestions to personally manage these intense times of change and discussions on the opportunities for humanity this galactic event ushers in.

In the blog posting areas you'll find comments and writings of grassroots people like yourself and the forum is open for anyone to join and share thoughts, expereices and questions. We really welcome you to join in as this is a powerful global event we all share in and all voices all understandings, all questions matter.

These are powerful auspicious times, these last years leading to the Shift of the Ages, not to be feared but to be welcomed as the catalyst for the changes the planet and humanity need.

Traditional Mayan people often greet and say goodbye with In Lak' ech sometimes followed by Ala Kin, the translation "I am another yourself" and "all in the family" similar to the unity of life phrases Namaste and Mitakuye Oyasin, "the light in me honors the light in you" and "we are all related". Western culture has focused on individual development however more and more people are recognizing everyone and everything is connected.

Much Joy to you as you open more and more to the wisdom these times will bring.
In Lak'ech,

The art that accompanies this page is from unknown artists, we thank them for the beauty they have put on the internet.

Gratitude to the Great Mystery for the opportunity these changes bring to return to the hoop of life.